Sunday, October 24, 2010

How long does it take to see results?

Research shows that
a single reflexology session:
• creates relaxation
• reduces anxiety
• diminishes pain
• improves blood flow to the kidneys, intestines,
and feet
• improves blood flow to parts of the brain corresponding
to the reflex areas on the foot
• decreases the heart rate and blood pressure
• increases oxygen saturation and lowers respiratory

Research shows that
a series of reflexology sessions:
Improves the body overall by helping every part
of it, for example:
• improving the functioning of the kidneys
(waste product removal, red blood cell level,
immune system)
• impacting the digestive system and relieving
constipation in children, women, and the elderly
• easing difficult urination for men and incontinence
in women
• easing PMS and menopause for women and
prostate problems for men
• creating changes in physiological measurements
of the pancreas.

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